Leiya Salis ’19

I disaffiliated to save myself…


From shrinking because that’s the only way you can survive as a brown woman in a system where anything that derails from whiteness is considered undesirable,

From breaking because each time I set foot in any space adorned with Greek Letters I could feel my soul chipping away,

From diluting because I was always too brown or too curly or too foreign to be in a sorority,

From forgetting all the sacrifices my family has made for me to be where I am,

From assimilating into a toxic system that survives on dividing, excluding and rejecting

From living a lie just for the superficial approval of people who did not care about my wellbeing

From being a hypocrite,

From dying.


I disaffiliated to save…


My soul

My body

My browness

My womanhood


I disaffiliated to save me.